Sapling Child Dove Grey Romper

$36.95 $22.15

This gender neutral romper is a timeless print made with super soft, breathable organic cotton.

Featuring extra length in the wrists and ankles that can be folded up or down. The ankle cuffs can be used as booties to keep your little ones feet warm in the cooler months.

The snap clips run from the top to the ankle to make dressing and nappy changes easy.

You’ll love 
♥ 100% organic cotton
♥ gentle on babies delicate skin
♥ soft and breathable
♥ extra length in the wrists and the ankles
♥ quality snap clips


Weight (kg)

Height (cm)

0-3 months

4 - 6kg

Up to 62cm

3-6 months

6 - 8kg

62 - 68cm

6-12 months

8 - 10kg

68 - 76cm

12-18 months

10 - 12kg

76 - 82cm