One.Chew.Three Bear Silicone Teething Disc White Granite

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The Bear Teethers have two different sides to them which helps with massaging and soothing sore gums. One side is smooth and the other side is textured. They are the perfect size for little hands to hold and little mouths to chew on.

You can even pop them in the fridge or freezer for extra cooling relief.

Made with high quality, 100% food grade silicone that is free from BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, PVC and latex. They will not absorb odour or support the growth of mould, fungus or bacteria. Independently tested to comply with Australian mandatory safety standards (AS/NZ8124). They're so easy to clean, just place them on the top shelf of the dishwasher or wash in mild soapy water. You can sterilise them in boiling water too.