Maud N Lil Tweet the Toy Bird Pink


Our pink tweet bird is supe cute and is somewhere between a chick and an egg. When you bounce Tweet, it makes a sweet birdie tweet sound.

The elasticated bouncy loop with a popper makes it easy to attach to any pram, play mobile or cot.

The tweet bird is extremely safe, breathable and has no chemicals or loose fluff that can be inhaled. It is made from certified organic cotton (with non GMO corn starch filling) making it suitable for newborn babies and sensitive ones, including premature babies or infants with asthmas or allergies. Tweet bird is the ideal size for a baby’s hand and is safe to be chewed.

Tweet bird is a popular play toy for babies and is the perfect newborn baby gift.

You’ll love 
♥ is super soft and adorable
♥ made of 100% organic cotton
♥ extremely safe and breathable
♥ no chemicals or loose fluff that can be inhaled
♥ comes with elastic loop to attach to pram or cot
Information and Care
100% organic cotton
Sitting up straight he measures 8.5cm high x 6.5cm wide
Warm hand wash to 40 degrees