Maud N Lil Oscar the Bunny Toy Comforter Blue/White

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Struggling to get your baby to sleep? Oscar the Bunny is an adorable baby toy comforter who will have your baby asleep in no time!

A perfect baby shower gift idea, gift for a newborn or for a toddler’s birthday.

Our toy comforters can be used for all occasions and provides comfort to your baby wherever they go. To ensure Oscar doesn’t get lost, he comes with a back-neck loop with velcro so you can strap him to the pram or your nappy bag.

A dummy can be attached onto one of the hands of Oscar which has a velcro clip (dummy not included). No more searching for that elusive dummy!

Oscar is a safe soft toy for babies and can be introduced at birth for cuddling and settling, however should not be left with a sleeping baby until they have reached 7 months of age.

The bunny comforter is extremely safe, breathable and has no chemicals or loose fluff that can be inhaled. He is made from certified organic cotton velour (with non GMO corn starch filling) and his eyes, nose and toes are hand stitched for superior quality.

You’ll love 
♥ he is super soft and adorable
♥ made of 100% organic cotton
♥ extremely safe and breathable
♥ no chemicals or loose fluff that can be inhaled
♥ comes with dummy holder
♥ comes with back neck loop to attach him to a pram or nappy bag

Information and Care
100% organic cotton. 30cm long when laid flat.
Warm hand wash to 40 degrees.