Ecoriginals Newborn Nappies

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Ecoriginals have redesigned their newborn nappies with an even greater focus on protecting babies delicate skin. Made from premium plant-based materials they are breathable and non-toxic which leaves babies skin free from rashes or reactions due to chemicals, such as phthalates, bleach or fragrances.

Using Plantcell Technology which has increased the absorbency of up to 40% on standard disposable nappies which allows for drier bottoms. 

100% cotton leg cuffs and 3D leak guard to prevent leakage and side spills.

Ecoriginals nappies are now more than 90% biodegradable due to the premium plant-based materials used.

The paper packaging is printed with food safe inks and are home compostable.

Pack contains 30 newborn nappies. Suitable for boys and girls.

You’ll love 
made from premium plant-based materials

♥ breathable natural layers to eliminate nappy rash 
♥ 12 hour wetness protection
♥ no phthalates, fragrances or bleach
packaging is home compostable

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Weight Guide

Nappies per Bag


Up to 5kg



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