Activity Cards for Babies 12 to 24 months

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Are you looking for fun activities to play with your baby? Or have you run out of ideas to keep them occupied?

These activity cards by Little Happy People are the answer!

They have been designed to inspire fun and enhance connection between parents and their little one, while assisting them to reach important milestones during their early development years.

Suitable for babies from 12 to 24 months, these activity cards will provide you with inspiring and stimulating play ideas. 

The fun activities promote the development of the most vital areas in your baby's life and can enhance or improve:

♥ connection and trust
♥ fine and gross motor skills
♥ body awareness
♥ cognitive, auditory and visual development
♥ language skills
♥ problem solving and creativity
social skills, emotional awareness and empathy
♥ self-esteem and belonging
♥ exploration and adventure

These 52 cards are printed on premium quality card stock which are a similar size to an adult playing-card-sized deck.

They are easy to use and are a unique gift for a 1st birthday.

Activity cards are also available for Babies aged 0 to 12 months.