ActiviTea – Energy and Immunity

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Low on energy during your pregnancy? Then Activitea is the perfect pregnancy tea to help stay active and heathy during this exciting time.

This caffeine free tea provides stimulating energy and immunity boosts that are essential for a healthy pregnancy. Activitea contains ingredients to release energy from your muscles, regulate your blood pressure and to regulate your nerves.

Being pregnant can be very demanding at the best of times. A daily cup can make you feel better from the effects of insomnia, headaches, stomach cramps and indigestion. This pregnancy tea can also help to relieve nausea and vomiting and prevent constipation.

The Maternitea blend has a fresh, light flavour and is the perfect pick me up when you need it. Not only is this tea perfect for pregnant women, but also ideal for anyone wanting to boost their immunity.

You’ll love 
♥ great for energy
♥ boosts immune function
♥ caffeine free
♥ helps reduce effects from headaches and stomach cramps
Brewing Instructions
Infuse 1 teabag per serve into boiling water and allow to brew for 5-7 minutes. Can be served hot or cold.
Organic green bosch (green rooibos), lemon balm, apple pieces and vanilla bean.