Why we Love our Suppliers

Sapling Child

Is an Australian Company that specialises in 100% organic cotton baby clothing.

All clothing is made from 100% very soft organic cotton and dyed with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved water based dyes. 

The cotton is knitted in organic factories, printed with organic water-based dyes that are free from toxic and chemicals. The clothing is soft and luxurious, comfortable and practical. Made in India under Fair trade terms and conditions.

They believe that buying organic is a better choice for the environment, a safer choice for the health of farmers and a softer and safer choice for babies’ sensitive skin. We definitely agree with them! 

Maud N Lil

Maud N Lil are passionate about organic and sustainable textiles and believe that no baby or young child should be exposed to toxic chemicals, especially not from a product as close to them as their favourite soft toy or blankie.

All of their certified organic baby soft toys are made in factories that are socially compliance audited and made from 100% certified organic cotton with a natural cellulose filling fibre.

They are also passionate about the sustainability of the planet, clean air, clean water and healthy crops. 


Ecoriginals as they are designed by an Australian family. 

We love them becuase they use mostly plant based ingredients, making it softer and safer for babies. 

Free from alcohol, chlorine, dioxins, phthalates, fragrances, latex and heavy metal and 100% free from GMO materials.They are hypo-allergenic and up to 5 times more breathable (no more rashes!)

They have world leading 100% compostable packaging (90 days to compost instead of 500 years!) 


Are an Australian business run by a mother and daughter team.

We love them because they create stylish, practical and quality nappy bags and pram accessories for parents.

They have a close relationship with their boutique factory to ensure that all of their products are manufactured ethically and to the best quality standard for a lifetime guarantee. 


Purebaby is an Australian owned fashion label, established in 2002.

The brand was created to provide beautiful and simple baby and children’s products made with awareness and care. Their organic cotton is soft, strong and resilient, while the pure fibers allow young skin to breathe.

Purebaby is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the leading standard for organic textiles. Their cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, using methods and materials with a low environmental impact. GOTS certified natural dyes are used on all of Purebaby’s cotton yarns.

They are passionate about the environment and are committed to protecting our planet.


We love Melvory Skin Care because all products are handmade with love by a qualified & registered Australian Pharmacist and Mum in Adelaide who uses all natural and certified organic ingredients. Cruelty free skin care with zero nasties.

There aren't any parabens, SLS, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and is palm oil free.

Containers are made from recycled PET that are fully recyclable.