Hi!  I’m Kathryn

For years, I saw first-hand how stressful juggling work commitments and preparing for a new baby can be.

Little Ones arrived early.  Mums to be were working right up to their due date. And were left shopping, instead of relaxing, in the last weeks of their pregnancy.

 As an organiser at heart, I felt there had to be a way to make life simpler. 

A Pure Beginning was born as I was determined to help mums to be feel confident, excited and well prepared for the arrival of their little ones by putting together pre-packed baby bags.  I was also keen to share my passion for healthy and low toxin living and spent hours sourcing the very best organic and natural products from around Australia. 

Baby Cotton Essentials

What Makes Us Different

Choosing organic and natural products means exposing your baby to fewer chemicals and toxins.  But it can also mean shopping around and doing hours of research.

We’re passionate about helping to keep your baby chemical-free.  Limiting their exposure to toxins, heavy metals, synthetic dyes and heavily perfumed products by sourcing 100% organic cotton and natural materials.

Our commitment to supporting Australian businesses remains one of our key focuses. 

We’ve done the research and hard work so you can feel confident you're giving your baby the very best start.

Newborn baby clothing