Our exclusive tea range include herbal teas for all occasions. We have organic teas for pure enjoyment through to specific teas designed to assist and support women through every stage of their pregnancy.

Our fertility tea can help women when trying to conceive. The Raspberry Leaf Tea can assist the body in the third trimester of pregnancy and our Breastfeeding Tea can assist with milk supply post birth.

Every stage of your journey is important and that is why MaterniTea and Byron Bay Tea Company put together a team of qualified naturopaths to develop their specific blend to provide tailored benefits to support you throughout your journey to parenthood.

Our range of blends include fertility tea (including our favourite raspberry leaf tea), pregnancy tea, breastfeeding tea, immunity tea and calming tea.

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Best tea for pregnancy
Perfect tea for nursing mothers
Perfect healthy tea for birth preparation
Perfect tea to enhance fertility
great tea for upset tummies
breastfeeding tea to build milk supply
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organic tea great for boosting immunity
ginger tea strengthens immune system
herbal tea good for digestion
herbal tea organic good for soothing
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peppermint tea supports digestion
best english breakfast tea australia
Why choose our fertility tea or pregnancy tea? To help you through your journey to motherhood.

Our herbal teas are caffeine free (with the exception of Peppermint and English Breakfast) and they all have their unique benefits which include; great for birth preparation which strengthens and tones the uterus, our fertility tea helps to stimulate the reproductive organs and our breastfeeding tea helps with mothers breast milk supply.