Baby Comforter Toys

Baby Comforter Toys

Our toy comforters are some of our best sellers! They are the perfect baby gift idea, baby shower gift or a toddler’s birthday.

Comforters can be introduced at birth for cuddling and settling and they provide comfort to babies wherever they go. Your precious little one will feel a sense of security which is so important in later development.

All of our baby comforter toys are made from certified organic cotton velour which makes them super soft and safer for babies to put in their mouth and play with. Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and is also great for baby’s sensitive skin.

We stock all the favourites from Maud N Lil, so make sure you check out the Bunny Comforter and Teddy Comforter. The Elephant Snookie from Purebaby is also popular with mums of newborns.

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Bunny Comforter Oscar Baby Comforter Toy Oscar
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Maud N Lil Pink Bunny Comforter
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Maud N Lil Cubby Toy Comforter Brown Newborn baby gift
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Soft toy Maud N Lil Ears the Bunny Comforter White
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Paws the Baby Comforter Toy from Maud N Lil
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Why choose 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for your baby’s comforter?

To help keep your baby safe. The benefits include:

♥ no harmful chemicals or toxins are used
♥ the super soft velour fabric does not contain toxic polyester long haired fibres
♥ great for kids who suffer with allergies or asthma
♥ reduced risk of your baby overheating (cotton regulates temperature better)
♥ the filling used is much safer than usual polyester toys. Our comforters are made with biodegradable GMO free natural corn fibre filling

Our baby comforter toys are lightweight and breathable and come with a handy dummy clip to help your little ones find their dummies easily at night.

A familiar smell will help to introduce a comforter to your newborn. Simply pop them down your top for a few hours and then give the toy comforter to your newborn. This familiar smell will have your little one at ease and asleep in no time.

Please note: comforters can be left in the cot from 7 months and onwards.