Nappy rash on babies

What to do about Nappy Rash?

There are many causes of nappy rash which can be uncomfortable and at times painful for babies. It can also be upsetting and distressing for mums (and dads) as well.


  • The skin on your baby’s bottom will be red and sore.
  • May look raw, could also be sore and itchy.
  • Can be spotty in appearance.


  • Wearing wet or dirty nappies for too long.
  • Scented soaps or baby lotions can also irritate the skin of some babies.
  • Teething and baby being unwell with fevers and colds.
  • Disposable nappies that have chemicals in them could be irritating your baby's delicate skin and stops the air circulating which will keep the nappy area damp.
  • Size of the nappy could be incorrect.
  • Diet of baby and mum. 

Prevention and Treatment
Nappy Rash is preventable.

  • The first way is to change baby’s nappy as soon as possible after it has become wet or soiled. It is important to keep baby’s skin as dry as possible. If using cloth nappies, avoid plastic pants over the top as this will trap in moisture.
  • Use plant based disposable nappies such as Ecoriginals which allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t trap in moisture.
  • Avoid wet wipes that have chemicals and fragrances as they could irritate baby’s skin further, instead use Ecoriginals Wipes which are all natural and use plant based ingredients.
  • Use a good quality natural nappy rash cream/balm consistently to help soothe and prevent nappy rash. We recommend Baby Beetanicals Bee-Hind Balm as it is non toxic and contains only nourishing ingredients.
  • Use a natural and organic baby wash at bath time, ensuring there are no chemicals which could irritate your baby’s skin and make it worse.
  • Try to give your baby nappy free time where possible.
  • Dress your baby in loose cotton clothing to let more air circulate. 

If the nappy rash doesn’t improve, consult your doctor.