What is the Best Nappy Bag?

What is the Best Nappy Bag?

A nappy bag is one of those essential items that you need when you are having a baby and will use it for years to come. As babies need so many things you will need a nappy bag daily and you will generally take it everywhere you go. For this reason, it is really important that you choose the right nappy bag for you.

At A Pure Beginning we have searched for the best nappy bags in Australia from casual nappy bag backpacks to stylish baby bags. Here are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing the perfect bag for you and your bub.

What should you look for when choosing a nappy bag?

As you've probably discovered, there are so many nappy bags on the market today and this can be a little overwhelming, particularly if you are unsure what features are important and which ones are just nice to have. Given that nappy bags are used so frequently, it is important you are prepared and know what you are looking for. To help you choose the best nappy bag we suggest you consider the following factors:

  • Functionality
  • Storage
  • Features and accessories
  • Different styles of nappy bags
  • Materials used


A good quality nappy bag will last you many years so it is important to choose one that is practical. Whilst it is trendy to have the latest designer baby bag, it also needs to be functional.

When looking at the functionality of the different nappy bags we suggest you consider the following:

  • it needs to have enough room to fit everything in. Don’t underestimate your baby essentials including nappies, wipes, cream/balm, spare change of clothes, formula, food and a dummy to name just a few. And don’t forget your needs as well whether it is your purse, makeup or car keys etc
  • what type of trip are you doing and how long for? This will help identify the items you need to pack and what style of bag is appropriate
  • are you carrying the bag or will you be strapping it to a stroller?

OiOi Nappy Bag that sits on strollers

Bucket Tote Nappy Bag


Nappy bags come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for different occasions. The smaller sized bags are sufficient to carry a couple of nappies and essentials, where as the larger bags can fully accommodate your needs whether you take it to hospital when you have your newborn or you and your bub are on a day out socialising.

The larger nappy bags come with numerous compartments and pockets which comes in handy when you want to fit in all of the essentials. Look for bags with elasticised external pockets as these are perfect for easy access.

Whilst the compartment design is important to keep you organised, the most important part is the space in the bag. The reality is, this is where you will fit most items.

OiOi Black Quilt Nappy Bag

Carry All Black Diamond Quilt Nappy Bag

Features and Accessories

An important aspect to consider is, what features or accessories does it come with? The best baby nappy bags come with the following features:

  • stroller straps to easily clip onto your pram or cot
  • insulated water bottle holders – comes in handy on your day trip
  • baby change mat – make sure it is cushioned and easy to wipe clean
  • wet purse for multiple uses – for wets or dirties or as your own purse!
  • protective metal feet at base – these help to protect the bag from wear and tear
  • detachable shoulder strap – you may not want to sling it over your shoulder so it is handy to buy a nappy bag where the straps can be removed

OiOi Blue Denim with Change Mat and Accessories

Carry All Denim Nappy Bag

Different Styles of Nappy Bags

There are a number of different nappy bag styles to suit the various functionalities and the main types include:

  • Large carry all nappy bag – perfect as a hospital bag for mum or a bag to fit all your baby essential needs on your day trip. Designer baby bags can be both practical and stylish when you want to look the part!
  • Bucket or slouch nappy bag – great style for a casual look. Plenty of space inside to fit all your baby’s needs. When you are not using it as a baby bag, it is perfect as a gym or yoga bag.
  • Backpack – if you are looking for an option to keep your hands free, a backpack is probably for you. Being hands free will help when your little one is walking (or running!) so you can easily chase after them. Backpacks are also a great unisex option, so if your husband or partner will be carrying it, they won’t be embarrassed by it by being too feminine.
  • Change Mat Clutch – ideal for when you don’t want to take the whole nappy bag and just need a couple of baby essentials such as nappies and wipes.

OiOi Nappy backpack for mums

 Black Nappy Bag Backpack         Tan Nappy Bag Backpack

OiOi Change Mat Clutch in Black

      Change Mat Clutch

Materials Used

When choosing your baby bag, the material is an important factor to consider. We always recommend selecting bags that are made from high quality materials as nappy bags need to withstand the rigours of life and are often subject to those accidental spills!

High quality materials such as leather or faux leather will help ensure your bag is durable. The finish can also make a difference and we recommend buying a baby bag that has a durable anti-mess water resistant finish as this will make it much easier to clean.

A Pure Beginning also places a lot of importance on chemical free products to keep your baby safe. Look for products that are BPA free, phthalate free, have no azo dyes, no blue colourants or other toxins.

The type of material also affects the weight of the nappy bag. Try and choose a lightweight material as they become quite heavy once you pack it full of your baby's essentials.

 OiOi Faux Leather Carry All Nappy Bag Tan

Faux Leather Carry All Tan

OiOi - Our Supplier
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