What is the Best Baby Comforter?

What is the Best Baby Comforter?

With so many baby comforter toys on the market it can be difficult to choose the right one for your baby. It will be loved dearly and used for many years to come so it is important that mum loves it too! In this blog post we delve into the benefits of baby comforter toys and the ones we recommend.

What is a Baby Comforter Toy?

A baby comforter toy is an object such as a blanket, soft toy, a dummy or a piece of clothing that acts as a best friend to your baby or toddler and is designed to settle them and provide comfort.

Why use a Toy Comforter?

Toy comforters have many benefits, however the key reasons they are used are:

  • to help babies to self soothe and settle. If they are used consistently, they tell babies when it is sleep time
  • comforters can also act as a coping tool when babies are stressed or upset
  • help to ease separation anxiety when moving to sleep independently. At about the age of 8 months babies start to become aware of the separation between themselves and the parent so comforters are particularly important at this age.
  • assist to build confidence. Comforters provide babies with a high level of comfort and this has been considered to improve the self-development of babies
  • to help your little one feel safe when transitioning to day care


How to introduce a Baby Comforter?

A baby will naturally warm to objects that have a familiar smell. By adding a familiar smell to your new comforter it will assist when introducing it to your baby. Our recommendations for mum include:

  • place the new comforter onto your skin. If you place it under your top for a couple of hours, your smell will rub off on the comforter
  • place the toy comforter between you and your baby when feeding. This will help with transitioning when handing the comforter to your baby
  • place a very small amount of breast milk on the ears of the comforter

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When to use a Toy Comforter?

  • toy comforters are versatile and can be used for any occasion when settling or comfort is needed. Whether it be at home, travelling, an overnight stay or just out shopping!
  • after seven months, babies are more likely explore objects and appreciate the comfort of the toy.
  • babies younger than 7 months are unlikely to explore objects and therefore should not be left alone to sleep with their comforter. Red Nose (formerly Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation) is a leading authority on safe sleep and pregnancy and they recommend to “keep soft toys out of the sleeping environment for babies under seven months of age because they may cover the nose and mouth and interfere with breathing.”


How many toy comforters do I need?

It is a great idea to have a second comforter as a back up. Having a spare one on hand has many benefits including:

  • one for the house, one for the car or the nappy bag
  • comes in handy when one is in the wash
  • in the event you forget, lose or leave the comforter at home, you will always have a spare one.


Are baby comforters breathable?

  • It is important to know that not all baby comforter toys are breathable. Some comforters are made with various materials, some being harmful as they are made with chemicals and fabrics that have long haired fibers which can be dangerous if inhaled
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton comforters are breathable and safe for babies. It is also safer for babies to put in their mouth and play with. Muslin or bamboo products are also breathable materials
  • Organic cotton comforters are also great for babies with allergies or asthma

 Play Blankie I A Pure Beginning

Why do we recommend Baby Comforter Toys from Maud N Lil?

  • they are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton – this means that there are no harmful chemicals
  • made from super soft cotton velour fabric that doesn't have any toxic polyester long haired fibers that can be inhaled into the oesophagus or little lungs
  • safe for babies to put in their mouths
  • you can attach dummies to their hands with the velcro clip
  • approved eco processing and dyeing to the highest European environmental standards
  • designed in Australia and made ethically

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